Aloka Consulting & Training is a professional consulting team dedicated to helping individuals, organizations, and communities thrive. We love what we do—and it shows.

For over 25 years, we’ve been involved locally and internationally in accelerating others’ success. When a plan is needed or a problem arises, we roll up our sleeves to help people:

  • Generate fresh ideas
  • Identify important opportunities
  • Create innovative solutions
  • Produce effective plans

Our impressive team is now recognized for facilitation processes that really (really) work.

We are pleased to say that a wide range of business, government, non-profit, First Nations, and community organizations trust our professionalism and experience to help them achieve their personal and organizational goals.

Dorothy Argent

Dorothy Argent is a skilled Facilitator and Certified Career Development Professional (CCDP) who knows how to turn ideas into accomplishments—and she can help turn your ideas into accomplishments, too.

When you begin to work with Dorothy, you’ll first notice her cheery demeanor and ready laugh, but it won’t be long before you experience, first hand, what she’s actually renowned for: intelligent, optimistic, and collaborative facilitation skills that are second-to-none.

Dorothy’s positive communication style combined with her proven leadership ability and commitment to others’ success likely explains her many awards—including the Queen’s Jubilee Medal for significant contributions to community development.  As a trailblazer for non-profit and government organizations, Dorothy offers diversified experience in the fields of management, municipal government, career planning, labour market development, and community service.

If you’re looking for a Facilitator who really listens and whose reputation has been established on a foundation of consensus-building, co-operative action, innovative problem-solving, and effective planning, then Dorothy is the person for you. 


Community Futures Shuswap:  President

WA:TER:  Board Director

Switzmalph Cultural Society:  Board Director

Together Shuswap:  Steering Committee Member

Institute of Global Education:  President


Shuswap Volunteer of the Year Award 2015: Recognition for contributions to community economic development.

Shuswap Woman of the Year Award 2010: Recognition for dedication in bringing professionals and organizations together to provide the best service in the Shuswap region and being an instrumental driver in many community projects.

Queen’s Jubilee Medal Award 2002: Presented by the Premier and Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia honoring significant contributions to community development.

Canadian Healthy Environment Award 1998: Recognition of outstanding achievement by the Salmon River Watershed Roundtable in the areas of environmental protection and stewardship.

Neils Christiansen, PhD

Neils Christiansen is one of those rare and remarkable Facilitators who are fully versed in the power of inclusive participation. By applying his proven skills, he helps organizations leverage knowledge and experience to successfully solve difficult problems and create effective plans.

Trained in the Institute of Cultural Affairs’ method of Collaborative Facilitation, Neils offers a deep understanding of the nuances inherent in facilitation processes. He’s masterful at applying proven methods that foster clear thinking and wise decision-making.

Neils’ genuine openness toward others’ ideas underpins his many strengths, and his manner soon puts workshop participants at ease. Then, he wastes no time in getting right down to business: It’s not long before he’s creating a collaborative and results-oriented environment, engaging the wisdom of everyone in the group, evoking their positive contributions, and ensuring that participants take ownership of the solutions they generate.

In short, when your group devotes its valuable time to planning or problem-solving activities, Neils’ professionalism and experience will ensure that their efforts achieve results—results that are essential to successful organizations and communities everywhere. After all, he’s done exactly that with thousands of people.


Institute of Global Education:  Board Director; Education Coordinator
WA:TER:  Board Director

Jerre Paquette, PhD

Jerre Paquette is an award-winning university professor, administrator, and leader. His work consistently draws accolades from delighted participants and frequently results in return engagements.

Jerre’s international career has taken him from the classrooms of big-city ghettos to the boardrooms of international corporations. He has lived and taught in remote First Nations communities and in some of the world’s largest cities, and his work spans all levels of education—from elementary through university.

Now retired, Jerre brings his passion, creativity, humour, and expertise out of the university classroom and into the workplace.

As a skilled Facilitator, Jerre harnesses the power of inclusive participation to help people get things done. As an inventive Professional Speaker, he delivers fresh and insightful presentations. He never fails to entertain, engage, and inspire.



Salmon Arm Rotary Club, Probus Club of Sorrento: Guest Speaker

Okanagan Regional Library, Armstrong Garden Club: Guest speaker

Shuswap Food Action Co-op:  Director of Education

South Shuswap Health Services Society:  Director

Shuswap Water Action Team:  Director

Voice of the Shuswap community radio (93.7 FM):  Radio Host

Shuswap Settlement Services Society:  Facilitator and Researcher, Elder Abuse Awareness program

Meikle Art Gallery, Podollan Inns Artist Spotlight:  Exhibiting Artist (photography)

The Jerre Awards:  Founder (an event celebrating student films)

City of Calgary Diversity Education Committee:  Board Chairman


Distinguished Faculty Teaching Award: Mount Royal University, Calgary, Canada

Effective Team Award: Mount Royal University, Calgary, Canada

Finalist, Next Generation Indie Book Awards: Calgary, Canada

Finalist, The Big Rock “Eddies”: Calgary, Canada (Okay, it’s a contest for the best beer commercial, not the Academy Awards, but it sure was fun).

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