Lead, Inspire, and Engage with Collaborative Techniques

Build the capacity of your organization by working with our team of professional facilitators, trainers, and speakers.  Position your organization for success by using proven collaborative methods that create commitment and ownership in team building, training, and planning.

Use our proven Collaborative Facilitation methods for Strategic Planning and Action Planning to actively engage all participants.
Learn successful techniques to enhance your own personal and professional skills. Our comprehensive Facilitation Training can help with that, too!

Our Professional Speaking services inform, inspire, and entertain—all while meeting your specific needs.

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 We, at Aloka Consulting & Training, have three foundational beliefs:

  1. All those with a stake in an outcome should participate in its development and implementation.
  2. People have, at their core, a desire to belong, a set of useful strengths, and the aspiration to work toward something bigger than themselves.
  3. All problems, even those seemingly intractable, have solutions.

Therefore, we create environments in which all stakeholders use their strengths to fully contribute and effectively problem solve.

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 We have been successfully providing Facilitation, Training, and Speaking services to our clients, locally and nationally, for more than 25 years.

Our reputation has been built upon our ability to create environments where all those with a stake in the outcome participate fully, set goals, make decisions, and implement the results.

A major source of our success comes from working closely with individuals and organizations to identify unique strengths—and it’s what we love to do.

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 Our team of accomplished professionals:

  • Harnesses the power of Collaborative Facilitation to help individuals, organizations, and communities create Strategic Plans and Action Plans that actually deliver results.
  • Provides Facilitation Training in proven, consensus-based facilitation methods to enhance your personal and professional skills in the workplace.
  • Delivers engaging and entertaining Keynotes, Seminars, Workshops, and Lunch ‘n’ Learns on a range of current topics—and keeps participants coming back for more.

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Aloka Consulting & Training is recognized for fully leveraging each client's inherent ability to solve problems and achieve surprising results.

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