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Collaborative Facilitation

We create environments in which all participants collaborate in setting goals and making decisions. By creating these collaborative environments, we ensure that:

  • Participants’ perspectives are honoured
  • Vast amounts of diverse data are synthesized into useful results
  • Participants commit to take action 

That is, our commitment to inclusive and genuine engagement makes our collaborative processes meaningful and successful.

Position yourself and your organization for success with our proven facilitation services:

Collaborative Strategic Planning

Collaborative Strategic Planning ensures groups articulate a practical vision and clearly define the strategies necessary to reach it. Our Collaborative Facilitation process includes all participants and their perspectives in an active way, achieves consensus, and articulates the fundamental decisions and strategies that will guide the organization toward success.

Collaborative Strategic Planning can focus on the next 3 – 5 years or look 10 years or more into the future.  (For shorter term planning see the Collaborative Action planning below.)

Collaborative Action Planning

Collaborative Action Planning ensures groups and organizations will achieve their shared goals by clearly defining the specific tasks, timeline, and resources needed to reach those goals. Because people want to be involved in decision making that affects them, our process actively includes all the participants, capitalizes on their inherent wisdom, and creates a sense of ownership for all. Engagement is the key to success. 

Individual Action Plans

Have you exhausted countless hours working towards your goals and not getting the results you had hoped for? Don’t despair. With the right support and our results-oriented process, you can move from hope and intention to effective action. Learn how to achieve the results you want by creating an Individual Action Plan that moves from a plan on paper to a plan in motion.

Professional Training

Develop the leadership, communication and collaborative skills that you need to facilitate effective, consensus-based Action Planning. Acquire the tools that you need to lead a focused conversation; conduct a consensus-based workshop; and facilitate successful, dynamic meetings and programs. 



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